Why Do Physios Prescribe Exercises?

Why Do Physios Prescribe Exercises?

Why Do Physios Prescribe Exercises?As a physical therapist, one of the most common ways to help patients recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions is by prescribing exercises. These exercises can vary from simple stretching and strengthening activities to complex movement patterns and sport-specific drills.

So why do physios prescribe exercises? Here are some key reasons:

Improve range of motion and flexibility – After an injury, joint or muscle stiffness is common. Specific exercises help to restore flexibility and range of motion, allowing the body to move in a more natural and pain-free way.

Increase strength and endurance – Physios may prescribe exercises to improve muscle strength, particularly in areas that may have weakened or atrophied due to injury or inactivity. They may also prescribe exercises to build endurance, which is particularly important for athletes or those with chronic conditions.

Reduce pain – Certain exercises can help to alleviate pain, particularly in the case of chronic conditions such as arthritis. These exercises may involve gentle movements or stretches that help to loosen up the affected area and reduce inflammation.

Improve balance and coordination – Exercises that focus on improving balance and coordination are particularly important for older adults or those with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. These exercises help to reduce the risk of falls and improve overall mobility.

Prevent further injury – Exercises prescribed by physios are often designed to target specific areas of weakness or imbalance in the body, helping to prevent further injury and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Overall, exercises prescribed by physios are tailored to the individual patient’s needs and goals. They are an essential part of the rehabilitation process and can help to improve overall health, reduce pain, and enhance performance in a range of activities. If you have any questions about exercise prescription or are experiencing pain or mobility issues, speak to one of our physiotherapists for more information.