Sports Nutrition Consultation

Sports Nutrition Consultation For athletes desiring to maximize their performance, a sports dietitian can provide a nutrition education plan to support, strengthen and protect the body’s ability to adapt to training and the demands of training. Based on the plan, the athlete can compete at an optimal level with the understanding of how proper nutrition fuels their body.

For active individuals looking to gain better knowledge of how nutrition affects their fitness levels, a dietitian will provide nutrition education to support their goals. The knowledge gained will allow the everyday athlete to achieve their fitness and discover how food supports their body.

For teams of every level, Bionic SportMed & Physiotherapy offers nutrition presentations and consultations for athletes, parents, and coaches. Providing team members, family members, and coaches valuable education about the importance of proper nutrition and the impact nutrition has on an athlete’s sports performance.

Daily nutrition for training, recovery nutrition, and competition-day nutrition
Importance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat related to performance

  • Healthy hydration
  • Eating while traveling
  • Eating before and after the competition
  • Safe ergogenic aids
  • Safe and effective weight loss or weight gain
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