What Is RSI & How Massage Therapy Heals This?

What Is RSI & How Massage Therapy Heals This?

What Is RSI & How Massage Therapy Heals This? RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury that takes place in your muscles, soft tissues and tendon due to repetitive use of your body parts. The RSI often happens in hands, arms or fingers. When you hear about the RSI, you take it like an injury or accident that lasts for a longer time. But, RSI occurs when your muscles and tendons work excessively. Common conditions related to repetitive use of hands and arms is carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, tendinitis and oedema. The RSI often occurs in your back and legs, but it can happen in any body part.

Symptoms Of Repetitive Strain Injury
A common symptom of having RSI is a pain in your shoulders, upper back and neck. Additionally, it also delivers the tightness, pain, soreness, burning in your wrists, hands, fingers, forearms or elbow. In the initial stages of RSI, the symptoms appear when you do any activity. But if you overlook this condition, you may be responsible for the constant pain.

How Massage Therapy Works On RSI?
Massage therapy is exceptionally effective and fast in relieving the pain due to repetitive strain injury. Massage can work for RSI in several ways, such as:

  • You must consider your posture and follow the advice of your therapist to maintain the right position of your shoulder to prevent RSI. For example, a rounding shoulder and slumping over your computer cause RSI. To sort out the problem, follow a few relaxing and strengthening exercises suggested by a specialist.
  • Depending on the situation, the massage techniques help you in easing the RSI pain. A gentle stretching works on tense muscles which constrict the nerves. A gentle massage of connective tissues relieves the pain in significant parts of your body.
  • The professional therapist uses various techniques to find the damage to your tendons and other tissues and then, they provide deep tissue massage that helps to supply the oxygen to the tissue. The deep tissue massage strokes are implemented using direct pressure with fingers, knuckles, elbow, etc.

So, if you are suffering from RSI, feel free to contact Etobicoke SportMed & Physiotherapy. Our registered massage therapists use traditional and contemporary methods to provide a most-effective solution for RSI.