What are the 4 best Aerobic Exercises for a Healthy Being?

What are the 4 best Aerobic Exercises for a Healthy Being?

What are the 4 best Aerobic Exercises for a Healthy Being?Aerobic exercises are the best when it comes to maintaining a healthy being. The best part is that it does not require you to be somewhere, wear specific gear or have the right equipment (most of the time). However, in order to prevent injuries, you need to have a warm-up before you start any of the exercises and after the exercise to cool yourself down.

If you are into moderate aerobic exercise, then make sure to perform it at least 150 minutes per week. For those into vigorous aerobic exercises, 75 minutes per week is the best you can do. Want to know the 10 best aerobic exercises for you to stay healthy? Read along to find out.

Running or Jogging
You can start running or even jogging but make sure to start slowly like 1 minute every time. Initially, you can start with two times every week and then gradually progress to 20 to 60 minutes for every 2 to 3 times per week.

This is the best aerobic exercise any one can do- it is easy and can be performed anywhere. Do a brisk walk for 10 minutes before and after you have lunchtime or work. Or, you may simply just take long walks. Remember to monitor your steps, and walk at least 10, 000 steps a day.

Play your favorite music and dance your heart out, it can be in a private room too. Do it for 30 minutes or an hour as you please.

Jump Rope
A 15 minute workout goal for three times a week on jump rope is fine to begin with.

Go in front of the stairs and do not hold the handles. Just take one step up and take another step down. Make sure to look forward while you do this and use the muscles.

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