Why Do My Muscles Get Tight & How To Treat Them?

Why Do My Muscles Get Tight & How To Treat Them?

Muscles Getting TightWhen your muscles feel tight, it becomes difficult to move. You may also feel pain, discomfort and cramping in the muscles. It is different from muscle spasticity and rigidity.

Typically, your muscles get tight after the exercise, lifting weights and hard physical works. You may also get muscle stiffness after a long period of inactivity. Here are some situations when you feel discomfort with your muscles.

Reasons For Muscles Getting Tight

Missing Minerals
Your muscles need calcium to get tighten and magnesium to relax. In the absence of these two, your muscles can have spasms.

All-time active tissues need water to remain functioning correctly. Because water is enriched with electrolytes, so when the proper amount of water is delivered, the muscles work smoothly.

Inactivity & Imbalance
No activity from a long period may stiff the muscles. It mostly happens due to prolong sitting,

Faulty Movement
In some cases, the faulty movement pattern can bring pain in muscles. For example, when you bend forwards from the waist, the back muscles will work hard which result in muscles stiffness.

Stress has many forms, such as improper sleep, poor nutrition, etc. Most of the time, stress can affect the particular area of your body.

Massage Therapy For Muscle Stiffness

The massage therapy is the best treatment for good reasons:

  • Blood Flow: Massage can improve the blood circulation which helps in healing the muscle tears.
  • Improves Your Sleep: Massage enhances the quality and quantity of sleep which reduce the stress and helps in better sleep.

Undoubtedly massage is a perfect remedy for muscle stiffness. Now, if you feel your muscles getting tight, contact us at Etobicoke SportMed & Physiotherapy. Our team of registered massage therapist utilize both traditional and contemporary methods to handle problems with your muscles. Call us today to request an appointment.