Custom Wrist Brace

Custom-Wrist-BraceCustom wrist brace supports the wrist but allows function throughout the thumb and fingers for daily use, such as work and sporting activities. Made from either rigid plastic or flexible silicone plastic or leather. Used for sever carpal tunnel, post-fractures, Osteoarthritis, or contractures.

Work with our licensed physical therapist to fabricate a fully customized splint to meet your needs. Custom splints are great for patients that have had surgery and need a splint for protection and healing, as well as for patients that have suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury. They are great tool to immobilize fractures and new injuries. Custom splints are easy to clean and easy to modify as your body changes.
When you purchase a splint “off the shelf” it usually comes in small, medium and large. It is not the exact fit to each individual’s arm. It has limitations with adjustments that can be made. When you have a custom splint made specifically for your arm, you see better results and compliance; meaning overall better outcomes and recovery!

Custom wrist braces are manufactured in-house off client’s casted mold. Talk to us today to schedule a consultation.