Is Physiotherapy Safe During Pregnancy? Things To Consider

Is Physiotherapy Safe During Pregnancy? Things To Consider

Dangers Of Prolong Sitting & It's Chemical-Free Treatment Pregnancy is one of the beautiful moment in a woman’s life. Every woman wants to enjoy this period without any worry. Naturally, the women have to go through this condition where they handle many health issues. On the other side, the physiotherapy is not any medical treatment. It is just kind of exercise or the way to move your body parts under the supervision of a specialist.

Following are the things that determine how physiotherapy is effective during pregnancy.
Problems During Pregnancy

  • Lower Back PainThe most common situation is a lower back pain in women with the fetus growth. The abdominal muscles expand that put pressure on the lower back muscles. Until your delivery, the lower back pain grows day by day.
  • Hip and Groin Pain The pregnancy that stretches the abdominal also affects the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic region. This will deliver hip and groin pain.
  • Ankle Pain Usually, the ankle pain appears at the end of the pregnancy. As the weight of belly rests on the feet and ankle, the ladies get difficulty in walking that affects the ankles.

Physiotherapy Benefits In Pregnancy

  • Physiotherapy Helps To Alleviate Pain The Physiotherapy helps to reduce pain in joints and muscles. Additionally, it treats the strained muscles & ligaments and strengthens the bones effectively.
  • Delivery Day Preparation You can discuss your physiotherapist to focus on the techniques that can help you to push effectively during the time of labour. This can help you to reduce the chances of pelvic floor trauma.
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
    Pregnancy leaves its big impact on the pelvic floor. With the right exercise of physiotherapy, you can reduce the strain on the pelvic muscles, connective tissues and nerves.

The above stated discussion clearly refers that physiotherapy is the best solution to handle the discomfort during pregnancy. One is suggested to always perform it under the supervision of a professional physiotherapist. So, feel free to contact Etobicoke SportMed & Physiotherapy. We provide customized care and support to our clients throughout the rehabilitation journey.