How Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Osteoporosis Patients

How Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Osteoporosis Patients

acupuncture-treatmentOsteoporosis is related to the bones and our bones look like a sponge from inside with so many tiny holes in it. Gradually, with passing time, the holes become bigger and leave more empty space. This is a cause of loss of bone density. The initial symptoms of osteoporosis cannot be noticed easily as it produces a dull ache in the bones especially in the neck and lower back. It may also feel tenderness in the bones on getting a lot of weight.

An osteoporosis develops when this pain grows and become unbearable if you don’t treat on time. The loss of bone density also converts into the loss of height. Its symptoms are not noticed early and if you don’t treat it on time, it can break the bone in wrist, spine and hip although it can break any a bone in the body.

How Physiotherapy Benefits Osteoporosis
There are major three ways in which the physiotherapy treats osteoporosis.

  1. The first way is bone strengthening exercises. It includes the hiking, playing tennis, dancing and high impact aerobics. The motive of this exercise is to make the injury less by increasing the amount of strength that your bones can bear with.
  2. The second-way physiotherapy exercises also helps one to manage the common pain arises in the lower back. This pain mostly appears at the beginning of osteoporosis or sometimes due to another injury. The regular use of physiotherapy exercise helps to minimize the pain.
  3. Unexpectedly fallen is common to everyone but it is dangerous for 60 + people. So, the physiotherapy exercise strengthens your muscles and helps to improve the balance. It also teaches the new ways to move easily and safely. Thus you can prevent falling or if you fall accidentally, it may not be damaging.

No matter, if the patient is in the early stage of an injury or recovering using the medication, physiotherapy helps to recover soon and also prevents other health issues.

Overall, if you are an Osteoporosis patient or feeling the symptoms of osteoporosis, you can take help of professional physiotherapists. In order to meet the experts, get in touch with Etobicoke Sportmed & Physiotherapy.