Pain in the outer hip? What to do about it?

Pain in the outer hip? What to do about it?

Pain in the outer hip? What to do about it?First, let us learn a new term today, the lateral pain or the pain in the outer hip that you feel is called Gluteal Tediniopathy. A healthy tendon means that there is a balanced cycle of repair and breakdown. Problems occur when the tendons have too much breakdown of cells rather than repair- this leads to tendinopathy.

In the case of the gluteal tendon, it is triggered when increased walking or hill running or even hiking with inclines. The intensity, as well as the frequency of the activities, can end up longitudinal loading via the hip joint.

How to know Gluteal tendinopathy?
Pain on the outer hip is a common symptom of Gluteal Tendinopathy. The pain might endure and become long-lasting resulting in acute issues. And, it can further also be on the outside of the leg or above the knee.

You can make your pain worse by some of the common mistakes.

  • Lying on the affected side
  • Sitting with crossed legs
  • Standing on one leg
  • Going up or down the stairs
  • Walking

How to treat Gluteal tendinopathy?
First, figure out the loads on the longitudinal loads on your hip and reduce or get rid of the loads. You can start by reducing running and walking.
Work with your therapist to learn some gradual resisted exercises for pain-free hip positions.
Analyze the unhealthy compressions on the hip to get rid of the loads. Sit with weights on both legs, do not cross your legs while sitting. Focus on movement retraining and functional exercises as suggested by your physiotherapist.

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